My Week in Parliament week ending 24th November

YEMENOn Monday, the Minister for the Middle East made a statement on thehumanitarian and political situation in Yemen, and the implications of theconflict there for regional security. Continue reading

My Week in Parliament week ending 17th Nov

In Parliament: EU Withdrawal Bill: Committee Stage This week in Parliament has been once again dominated by the EU withdrawal Bill. Labour voted against the Second Reading of the bill, back in September as we believe that unamended, this Bill is a dangerous power grab from the Government. This week has been the start of the Committee stage of the Bill where amendments proposed by MPs are debated. This is usually carried out by a small committee of MPs but because of the huge number of amendments submitted and the importance of the Bill, there is a Committee of the whole House, where all MPs can take part. Labour believes that many of the Government’s amendments are dangerous and risk our economy and also believe that we need to pass other amendments to vastly improve the bill. The Labour Party has put forward a series of amendments on protecting employment rights, environmental legislation, and consumer protections.   The Committee Stage of the Bill is set to continue until Christmas, and I look forward to updating you with developments in the weeks to come.    Continue reading

My Week in Parliament week ending 3rd Nov 17

    Beer Duty and the Pubs Sector On Tuesday 31st October, I represented the Labour frontbench in the debate on 'Beer Duty andthe Pubs Sector'.The British pub is renowned around the world. Since the oldest one wasestablished in the 11th century, the pub has continued to be a central featureof British life – a unique social hub for meetings, discussion and debate. Continue reading

Summer Recess 2017

Parliament is now in recess, I will update 'My week in Parliament' once the House re opens.